Kirks Quarry


Daniel Charles Aggregates

Contract Particulars

Construction of C&D Wash Plant

Contract Value

£500k - Civils Value

Contract Duration

30 Weeks

Contract Overview

Following an order being placed by Daniel Charles Aggregates for a bespoke C&D Wash Plant together with full water treatment and filter press, DCC were contracted to deliver the design & build of the infrastructure including heavily re-inforced concrete bases, filter press walls, ducting, drainage, concrete aprons and processed material storage bay walls. 

We also procured, designed and built the sub-station and switch room and employed National Grid to install a HV connection so the entire plant is connected to the grid utilising a percentage of renewable energy to power the plant. 

DCC were Principal Contractor throughout and managed the entire project including the Power-X team that suppled and installed the wash plant together with French company MS Water Treatment and Italian company Matec who installed the filter press.

As a group we are proud to have built and installed one of the highest quality C&D wash plants in the UK, as commented on by everyone who has visited the plant.